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6 February, 2019
☆Press Releases☆
Discovery of abundant ferromanganese microparticles in oxic pelagic sediments: New insights into the global budget of metallic elements
View details about this news, click Jamstec site.

29 January, 2019
☆KCC seminar☆
Florian Schubert (PhD student, Universität Potsdam)

16 January, 2019
☆KCC seminar☆
Yoko Furukawa (Science Director at the US Office of Naval Research Global)

20 December, 2018
☆KCC seminar☆
Yoshihiro MASUDA (Professor, Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering,The University of Tokyo. Guest Professor of Kochi University)

1 December, 2018
☆KCC science festa☆
Lecturer 1: Tomoyo Okumura (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Kochi University)
Lecturer 2: Tatsuhiko Hoshino (Senior Scientist, Kochi Institute for Core Sample Research, JAMSTEC)

30 November-1 December, 2018
Center for Advance Marine Core Research, Kochi University 15th anniversary was held.
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3 November, 2018
☆Kochi University's open day for citizens☆
KCC members also carried out the event for citizens.

31 October, 2018
☆KCC seminar☆
Catherine CONSTABLE (Distinguished Professor of Geophysics, Department Chair, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University California, San Diego)

29 October, 2018
Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visited Kochi Core Center.

25 September, 2018
☆KCC seminar☆
Hidekazu Yoshida (Professor, Nagoya University)

23 Augast, 2018
☆KCC seminar☆
Shuhei Ono (Associate Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

6 Augast, 2018
☆KCC seminar☆
Goro Tanifuji (PhD, National meseum of nature and science)

4-5 Augast, 2018
☆Kochi University's open day for high school students☆
Some event were held at KCC for students.

3 Augast, 2018
☆KCC seminar☆
Xiao Deng (PhD, Tokyo University)

28 March, 2017
Expeditions 361 (Southern African Climates and Agulhas Current Density Profile) cores received

27 January, 2017
Expeditions 359 (Maldives Monsoon and Sea Level) cores received

17 November, 2016
Expeditions 365 (NanTroSEIZE Shallow Megasplay Long-Term Borehole Monitoring System) and 370 (Temperature Limit of the Deep Biosphere off Muroto) cores received

2 November, 2016
Expeditions 362 (Sumatra Seismogenic Zone) and 362T (Transit/Hole U1473 Remediation) cores received

11 April, 2016
Expedition 353, 2nd Sampling Party at the KCC

23 March, 2016
Expeditions 355 (Arabian Sea Monsoon) and 360 (SW Indian Ridge Lower Crust and Moho) cores received

17 Nov, 2015
Expedition 353 sampling party at the KCC

7 Sep, 2015
Expedition 354 sampling party at the KCC

8 May, 2015
Expedition 354 (Bengal Fan) cores received

24 February, 2015
Expedition 353 (Indian Monsoon Rainfall) cores received

19 November, 2014
Expedition 352 (Izu Bonin Mariana Arc) cores received

17 October, 2014
New Reefer building of the KCC inaugurated on Oct. 17, 2014

1 August, 2014
Expeditions 350&351(Izu Bonin Mariana Arc) cores received

15 July, 2014
Update on New Reefer building at the KCC

17 April, 2014
Expedition 349 (South China Sea Tectonics) cores received

14 April, 2014
Expedition 346 Sampling Party at the KCC

1 April, 2014
A new reefer building is expected to be ready in early autumn

16 October, 2013
Expedition 346 (Asia Monsoon) cores received

17 September, 2013
Interruption in IODP Core Sampling & Observation

24 January, 2013
Three dimensional DICOM-viewer, the Virtual Core Viewer, to observe X- ray CT data of core samples drilled by D/V Chikyu has been released on web page and Android application.
[Click Virtual Core Library, you can access the viewer]

13 June, 2012
KCC Analytical Facilities Open to all IODP Researchers

KCC begins providing access to analytical facility for the researchers who wish to study IODP/legacy core samples. In the beginning, Core Logging instruments are being made available for the researchers residing outside* Japan. Interested researchers should contact at least 3 months before their visit to the KCC in order to make arrangements of both machine time and support package. In addition, the researchers should be prepared to take care of analytical consumables in principle. Please contact KCC curator for details.

*Researchers in Japan should submit application into the Nationwide Joint Use System of Kochi University.

9 June, 2011
First shipping of core samples for geomicrobiological research (RMS) to requester

1 June, 2011
Exhibit at JpGU meeting 2011

28 April, 2011
Deep frozen core samples for geomicrobiological research

25 February, 2011
Draft of New Science Plan available for comments

24 December, 2010
A summary to help researchers in selecting core samples

17 August, 2010
Japan Geopark Committee members visited KCC


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Research Activities

Purpose of Estabishment

Kochi Core Center is a research facility jointly managed with common goals by the Kochi University and Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC).

Research Activities

Center for Advanced Marine Core Research, Kochi University and Kochi Institute for Core Sample Research are conducting a variety of analyses and research activities.

Facilities and Equipment

We have an optimal environment for analyses and research, including the latest instruments for analyses and large refrigerators and freezers for storage of core samples.



We are also engaged in a variety of educational and outreach activities to let you know the results of our leading-edge research and development.

IODP Core Curation

With the regular staff performing IODP curation services, the Center is functioning as one of the three IODP core sample storage facilities in the world.

Sample Request

Core samples can be requested for your own research by applying to the IODP that manages the curation and the right of use of each sample.



Kochi Core Center 200 Monobe Otsu, Nankoku, Kochi, 783-8502
(on Monobe campus of Kochi University)

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