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17 September, 2013 (Tue)


Interruption in IODP Core Sampling & Observation

Beginning from October 2013, the KCC reefers are going to become inaccessible due to activities like reinforcement of core racks against earthquakes and packing all DSDP/ODP/IODP cores together with their D-tubes in water proof plastic bags to protect them from tsunami related damage. These activities shall take place in all reefers simultaneously, and shall continue until end of March 2014. Moreover, we are going to receive ca. 6 km of IODP cores from the JOIDES Resolution in this October. We shall put ca. 4 km of cores in the existing racks, and the remaining 2 km of cores will be stored in temporary racks that will be set in the aisles of the reefers. These activities will severely restrict our access to the cores. We shall try to meet the sampling demand if possible, but it may not be possible to sample for some requests until March 2014. We shall begin moving some cores into a new reefer that will be ready by March 2014, and then we should be able to resume sampling of the cores. Your kind understanding of this transitory situation in the KCC is highly appreciated.

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