Core storage and curation

Core Repository

Reefer # 2
Reefer # 2

The 4 large reefers at the KCC maintain the ambient temperature at about 4℁Eand humidity of about 80% for the core sections. Some of the core racks in each reefer are set on mobile platform in order to enhance the storage capacity of the reefers. Each core rack has mesh like structures to facilitate storage of core sections in commonly known D-tube. There is also a large freezer to store samples at -20℁E

Floor area map of the core repository. Reefer #1 stores cores collected by the Kochi University and JAMSTEC. Reefer #2-4 store cores collected under the DSDP/ODP/IODP.

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▲Fork lift and vertical lift for managing core sections at the repository

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▲Cores collected during the Shakedown cruise of the D/V Chikyu off Shimokita are stored in Reefer #1.


▲NanTroSEIZE Stage 1 cores are stored in special core cases for efficient utilization of storage space and environment friendly transport of cores from the ship to the KCC.


▲Inside view of the Freezer room adjacent to the Reefer #1

Liquid nitrogen freezer


Kochi Core Center has twelve 430-liter liquid nitrogen tanks. Each tank is capable of storing 398 sample vials, each of which can contain ca. 50 cc core sample for research related to geomicrobiology. The tanks are always monitored by a central control system, which automatically supplies liquid nitrogen to keep temperature stable below -160℁E Using this storage system, bio-archived core samples can be stored without loss of quality for a long period of time. The fragile bio-molecules in core samples are DNA, RNA, protein, enzyme, and intact polar lipid. Moreover, reduced minerals are also oxidized by air if not stored in liquid nitrogen tank.




In the backyard of the KCC, air-conditioned reefer containers are installed. These are used for storage of salt cores, core catcher samples and residues at room temperature and low humidity condition. Some of these containers are also used for transferring core sections and samples from the D/V Chikyu to the KCC.

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