Research Activities

Marine Core Research Institute, Kochi University

As of June 2009, 8 full-time professors, 6 researchers and 10 support staff members are doing research in Earth system science and education at this center and belong to the Faculty of Science and Graduate School of Science of the Kochi University.

  • Elucidation of sediment formation process, and development of techniques
  • Research on paleoenvironmental change by multi proxies
  • Development of high-precision chronometry by multiple dating techniques
  • Routinization of non-destructive measurement of core samples

Kochi Institute for Core Sample Research was established in October 2005 at the same time as the start of international operation of the deep-sea drilling vessel “Chikyu”, as the fifth base of JAMSTEC in Japan.

The Institute consists of three research groups, a science support group and a general affairs division, and is mainly doing physical, chemical and microbiological analyses and research using core samples, and storage and curation of core samples.

  • Research on occurrence mechanisms of great earthquakes
  • Methane hydrate research
  • Research on global environmental change from analyses of trace elements and isotopes using a variety of mass spectrometries
  • Geobiosphere research
  • Storage and curation of submarine core samples
  • Support for basic research, and development of leading-edge technologies and effective techniques for analysis
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